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3 Types of Spending That Undermine Your Hard-Earned Paycheck -- And How To Fix Them!


This quick instructional guide and easy 2 page workbook is for hardworking people who are frustrated that their money seems to disappear as fast –or faster!-- than money gets earned, and want to make a change.

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✔ The reassurance that you’re not alone–this guide is based on the real-life experience of my financial coaching clients

✔ The ability to identify which of the three types is most like your current habits, so you can focus on how to change the habit quickly without wasting time on what you don’t need

✔ An easy way to differentiate between spending habits you have that may be different from your partners’ so you can communicate more effectively

✔ The key features of a spending type that’s so ingrained in our human nature, even I can get tripped up on it if I stop paying attention 

✔ A simple strategy to help you stop spending money impulsively, so you can make progress on your bigger financial goals

✔ All in an online or printer-friendly format 🙂 🖨

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