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Are you stressed out about money? Not just because there doesn’t seem to be enough of it, but because the “work and spend, work and spend” cycle is really killing your pleasure in life?

Maybe you do make priorities and money plans, but then you’re so busy paying up on everything that demands a chunk of your paycheck, there’s little room for your ideas, hopes, and dreams.

You might be thinking that if you could just get things straight in your budget, or even just have a budget, things would finally get better. 

You might also believe that when you get out of this hole (you hope it's even possible!!!), then you’ll finally be able to make and meet some more meaningful goals for yourself and the people and causes you care about. 

You’re not alone. Finances are huge–for everyone.

Getting things under control is essential. 

But where on earth are you going to get –and KEEP–the motivation you need to handle these financial changes in the first place?? 


Most people get it backwards. They’ve been taught that once they pay off the debt, get a better job, or reach some other fortunate event–then they’ll finally have permission to do what they want to do, have the life they want to have, and make a difference in the world. 

Is that what you’ve learned?

If it is what you’ve learned, maybe you also feel like you’ve already put in your time, and you really should be getting something more out of life by now. Actually a lot more.

You’re right. You should be. 

How would you like to learn a powerful way to completely change the direction of your financial future without burying your dreams even further down in the dirt of everyday demands?

That would be amazing! Count me in!

If you weren’t just “working for the man” and your money was going towards what is really important to you–how would that change the way you feel when you go to bed at night, or when you get up in the morning? 


What if you were working for yourself? I don’t mean setting up shop (unless, of course, that’s what you want to do!) I mean working for yourself: for your own future. Not someone else’s bottom line. Working for your dreams, for your values–and managing your money that way, too.

You know what I’m talking about, I hope. I'm talking about the values and dreams and plans that just won’t lie down and die, no matter what has happened to you or where you are right now financially. They’re still there, waiting. Waiting for you.

Tell them they don’t have to wait any more.


Hi, I’m Josiah Aston, a musician and a financial coach. I literally have the family of my dreams because of what I’m going to share with you beginning this Friday, April 14th!


You are going to get three free live training sessions where I will teach you exactly how to start managing your money quickly, efficiently, and consistently.

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You might not know this yet, but the way you handle your money

is your biggest secret weapon 

against discouragement and distress and just plain tolerating a bad situation for waaay too long.

(Yes, I mean the way you handle the money you have right now is the secret weapon, not the money you might have later!!!

Discovering and using these tools are how  Amber and I were able to finance the adoption of our amazing children. 

And if that isn’t a dream come true, I don’t know what is!

In this free live training, available for you this month only, I will show you exactly what practical tools you need to keep your momentum going for the first full 90 days of your budget, and then some. 


90 days is the sweet spot!!

If you can hit 90 days, you’ve got a really good chance of permanent financial benefits. 


Note: If you’ve ever repeatedly "done a budget" but it kept dying by the end of month two, you’re definitely going to love this training!


You have your own goals, values, and dreams, and they matter. 

And the way you handle your money matters.

 You deserve to get out of paycheck to paycheck living, being overwhelmed, or feeling out of control financially. 


You deserve to put your money where your goals, values and dreams are.


✔ Stop experiencing money as a bad thing!

✔ Stop feeling trapped!

✔Stop putting your future on ice and start warming up those dreams!!!!

I'm excited and I feel hope. I feel like I'm doing something and I'm not stuck anymore...
Like I have a purpose to meet, a goal to meet, and I'm not just waiting for something to just change. I'm doing something about it, now.


There's a sense of relief when you bring somebody else into the picture. We have come to realize a few things about ourselves...there's a lot better mental health, a lot more happiness, and just a better all around attitude about our future.

--Matt and Cynthia

Stop just hoping things will work out so you can do something else, something better, someday!


In this upcoming training, which again, is FREE for YOU, and THIS MONTH ONLY, I will teach you how to start real financial change and get control of your money, beginning today. 


Not only that, but I’m going to teach you how to make those changes in a way that just might be the only kind of sustainable system most people can actually implement and keep using over time.


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